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Saint Barthélemy

When looking for a hotel in the Caribbean, one does not spontaneously think of Saint Barth. Everyone knows this island, and at the same time, many are unaware of the natural and cultural treasures it abounds in.
Far from clichés, Saint Barth, located in the northeast of the Caribbean Sea, is above all an island of wild beauty, with endless beaches. Small by its size, it is not less generous.

Saline Beach

La Grande Saline in Saint Barthélémy is a cove of unique beauty, set between two mornes, and offering a breathtaking view of Coco Island. Plage de la Saline, ranked 4th most beautiful beach in the world, is the island's must-see beach. Fleur de Lune, your Caribbean hotel, is just a few minutes' walk from this unspoilt natural setting.